Where do people go today just to talk with others in the community? Men need traditions that can help bond them together. Visiting a local barbershop with your father or son is a great tradition to begin in your family. Many men have been going to the same barber all their life and have introduced their sons to the same chair and the same barber. A men’s hair salon can become your family barbershop and is a great place to “chew the fat” with other men, something that cannot be found at a unisex hair salon.

Getting a haircut at The 5TH Avenue Barbershop in Delray Beach is a relaxing and enjoyable experience not to be missed. It is a unique experience getting a true men’s haircut or bringing your son to a boy’s barbershop to be welcomed into the environment of a family barber. This Delray Beach Barbershop is where you come to get that haircut and hot neck shave before dinner on Atlantic Avenue. This is the barbershop where you take your son for his first haircut and will continue coming back for life.

Brad Elliott, known throughout Palm Beach County and Delray Beach as “Brad the Barber”, is a local barber and has been in the business of providing a men’s haircut for nearly 20 years becoming a master at his trade. Brad is the owner of The 5TH Avenue Barbershop and is always there to greet you with a smile and a good time. If you are looking for a men’s family barber and boy’s barbershop, The 5TH Avenue Barbershop is the place to be!